Wedded Bliss

Now there is an oxymoron if ever there was one. Right up there with military intelligence and political integrity. Sounds like the opening line for a stand-up comedy routine doesn’t it? Yeah…marriage, at least mine at this point, is all of the fore-mentioned and then some. I have heard all of the usual…”you have to work at it”, “there are always good days and bad days”, “you should go to counseling”, “is there anything else I can get for you Archie?” See, there I go again channeling Edith Bunker! Dear Abby advice does that to me, makes me think of Edith giving liberated Gloria all of those convoluted marital talks and look at what those two women were dealing with…a Meathead and an Archie. It was sad that those two men (and their writers!) didn’t get it in the 70s and sadder that married men either don’t get it or forget it still today

It’s ok guys, I don’t let us gals off the hook. We aren’t perfect and we can be a real pain in the ass, but my experience is that women are more willing to step outside the box or take notice if all is not perfect in Paradise. It might behoove a hubby or two (hundred!) to take note when wifey-poo is reading that Cosmo with the bold headline on the cover that reads Marriage Woes? Are Your Vows Worth the Price of Your Wedding? And Ladies…aw hell, who am I kidding. I’m just as whiny and co-dependent as the next female when I’m in my dark place. I don’t like it…I do know better but a provoked animal tends to get all stupid and squirrely when cornered.

I’m not whiny now though…no, now I’m just pissed. I’ve listened to everyone’s advice. I’ve channeled Edith ’til I’m ready to throw a brick thru the Tv. Stupid and squirrely are Chia Pets compared to where I am at right now. Yep…I even think that this was another one of those big blunders I have perpetuated in my life, like not changing my name and moving to another continent 20 years ago!


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