Statistically Speaking

When you type “marriage” into the WordPress blog search you get over 2 million likely suspects pop up. When you actually start looking at the blogs though they all seem to be dwelling on the politics, definition or theology of marriage; at least the first 40 or so I waded thru did. Feeling disheartened I tried narrowing my search parameters by entering “love, male” which pinged just over 700 entries STILL along theological and political lines which really had me scratching my head.


I finally resorted to typing in “relationships” and got exactly what I expected and what I didn’t want- blog after blog written by female after female. I find it hard to believe the blogosphere is peopled only by females! I practiced due diligence mind you, I looked at blogs outside of the love-lost/ love-lorn too, geez. No smart-ass remarks about us girls not being able to keep our mouths shut about ANYTHING either!

My point being that I would think there would be a few guys out there putting their nail-bitten digits to the keyboard and laying on the lament about his complete inability and/or ability to understand where his Wonder-Woman is coming from. I’m talking about someone who isn’t a self-help guru out to peddle his latest book, audio series, Dvd box set or couples retreat (puleez!)

I really wanted to read about what more guys had to say about their situations. I found one guy, Perry Lioni, who wrote an absolutely delicious post on kissing. God, if there were only some way to make that mandatory bi-annual reading! (Check out Perry’s post from my “Followed Blogs” in the right sidebar!)

Statistically Paradise looks like the inside of a week-old, styrofoam coffee-cup and I haven’t even had to make anything up…


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