RESPONSIBILITY…there is a $5 word for you in good ol’ relationship-land. Since I’m taking the low-road; I will even go so far to say that a crumbly marriage too often sees the failure of one or both parties to take any responsibility because a participant a)feels guilt/too much responsibility already, b)fears confrontation, c)cannot/will not see their part in any problematic situation (if there is one). Listen up-GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!

C’mon…If you can’t hang, if you can’t own your mistakes or accept responsibility for the error of your ways then you probably should re-think the whole Marriage thing. Do you really want to hunt that dog on a moonless night and have your ass handed to ya along with the loss of part of your hard-earned salary, full-time booty call and some if not all of your worldly possessions? My guess is no but I could be wrong. Just sayin’.

I stepped into my particular cow-pat eyes wide open. Didn’t matter one damn bit. It still squished all over the place and no matter how much I clean my boots I still find more crap! Sounding bitter? Yup…

As for RESPONSIBILITY; how shall I put this delicately…ha. Ha-ha. Hahahahahahahaha-snort-hahaha-snort-haha…

Yeah, you just wanted to make me snort didn’t ya?


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