“A Day”

Have you ever had “A Day” ?

Yeah, I’m talking a hold two fingers on each hand up in the air and quote kinda day. I know its a ridiculous question; everyone has “A Day” at some point. Let me just say that my definition of this occurrence may not be the same as someone else’s. But then, my guess is a number of my definitions are a bit skewed…

My awareness of the day started out perfect. Enough light peeking through the window so as not to startle but to indicate that it was early morning. Cool breeze lingerin’ on the skin. A hazy kinda day whisperin’ a whole lotta promise. I could feel a slow smile start to ease up the corners of my mouth…wait a minute; what’s that? What is that noise? My smile starts to fade away as my brow furrows in puzzlement. No, it couldn’t be. More sound starts to filter in and my shoulders tighten. But that would mean- “HAUunnkk! “-there’s a friggin’ giant goddamn goose in here! I slowly turned my head and opened an eye. The truth couldn’t even stare back at me; it was to busy hogging the blankets and bringing down ceiling dust. No,no,no!

Help me out here. I thought the way it worked was a body woke up from their bad dreams to the good stuff. If that’s the case then why was I sucking on the underside of my pillow trying to keep my groans of despair on mute? Where is my tall, dark haired gu-uh- good stuff, with a loving heart who appreciates me in all of my many phases of insanity? To reinforce the good stuff theory I was told these lovely stories when I was little. Some dude named Walt said that there were a bunch of these princes called Charming and that dreams did come true. I wasn’t the only one who fell for them either because all of us little girls would get together and talk about these stories shortly after I heard one! Fool things are in syndication now; deluding others in perpetuity. Please, for those who are so lucky to have their good stuff come thru for them; happy for ya. Seriously, happy. For. Ya. Okaaay.

No! I woke up from fois-gras to beanie weenies! I am definitely having “A Day”…*sniiiiifff*


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