Tuna, Tabasco and the Pool Boy

My pool boy was here this morning. As pool boys go, he definitely isn’t worth writing home to Mama about. He doesn’t even do a good job cleaning the pool so that’s one more thing to go on the looong honey-don’t-do-don’t-even-bother-asking list that I have laying around here some place. That list got started on the day I moved in with Honey and needed something to eat. I was handed a can opener and a bottle of Tabasco sauce and told there “might” be a can of tuna in a cupboard somewhere. Yeah. What is the big deal some of you might ask? Tuna and Tabasco makes for a tasty meal! On some days I could throw you that bone, but on this day I had just driven some 10+ hours to be with the supposed love of my life and the only red I was seeing wasn’t Tabasco! I asked him to go get me some “real” food.

“Your on your own with that; there’s a Mcdonald’s and stuff done the road. I’m bushed, I’m goin’ to bed.”

Leaves ya a bit speechless doesn’t it?

So my list is now MY to-do list really. Since it covers several aeons in Relationship years that basically means it has now fallen into the realm of “wish fulfillment”. I wish I had the time to “fulfill” the tasks on the list. Take this photo for example:

Somewhere I would rather be.


I have 6000+ photographs wating to be sifted thu, edited, cataloged, blah-blah-blah. I couldn’t even be bothered to pull this one into Photoshop. Meh. Just whipped it into some online editor and done. The photo is about as interesting as my lists which means it isn’t. Its a trend.

Back to the pool boy. Why don’t I fire his ugly, non-pool-cleaning behind? I didn’t hire him. I am only stuck dealing with him. The whole process involves listening to him make a bunch of racket then going outside a few hours later to a mess. Eventually confrontation is involved, men cry. Another mess.  Why didn’t I do the hiring? Personally, I think it was an evil plot to thwart my need for some serious eye-candy. It has been guessed by others that someone’s ego was intimidated by the thought of my lusting thru the peephole after some bronzed testament to all-that-is-holy in romance novels. Ha! There is enough of that ego for the romance novel and 5 other guys to boot! I’m sticking with the evil plot on this one.

I think no few ladies would agree that a Bronzed Testament would be nice though!


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