Can’t See My ? For The Trees

Don’t look at me!

I feel sucky. Icky even. Like… like… like hiding out in the bushes until someone sneaks up on me and whacks me in the back of the head with a cast-iron skillet. I’ve been on all the internet medical sites and I’ve got it narrowed down to Hypochondria or Flu. I’m leaning toward Flu but I can’t be too sure because it hasn’t been proven yet that Hypochondria isn’t genetic. And, even though I’ve not displayed symptoms of it in the past, there are several people in my family who have been medically diagnosed with it much to their doctors (and other family members!) consternation. Since the evidence is all pretty inconclusive at this point I doubt it matters. So, I really feel like crap.

Is it just me or do others feel just that tiny bit better when they mutter some expletive while their trudging down the hallway, blanky in hand and a can of Ginger-ale? And heaven forbid if something or someone cross your path while your trudging, right? Then that mutter might just turn into a shout or two hmmm? Are you like me and you have to be on the couch- central to everything? The TV, electronic devices, the kitchen and the loo? Then this might just be up your alley:

Oh. My. God. WTF? There is something on the goddam couch! I. Don’t. Care. Nobody ASKED you to pay the motherf-…what did you just say? Why you sorry sonofa- Get. Your. Lazy. Useless, pisspoorexcuseofanogoodpieceofshitassofmyfukencouchrightthisfukeninstantorImgonnaknockthelivinshitoutofyourassandcallyourmother! Now hand me my pillow and the remote! Ass-

Cranky aren’t ya?

Words are lovely, powerful things. I’m reminded of that most when I have a deadline due; which is this week, when I feel sucky. I’m prone toward words that seem to intimidate people. Need to work on that?  Cursing, while very un-ladylike, is something I enjoy and a habit I should really consider breaking but WOW(!); awesome stress relief. Curse words can and do run the full gamut of emotions…just throw in a little body english and vocal styling. Gets crazy around here, words flying, hands screaming, body looming, hair flairing…gosh, no wonder the poolboy cries!

Consider today’s generation; virtually no vocalizing at all. It’s all electronic with “lol”, “ttfn” “cul8r” and “roflmfaotyvm”, but you have to wonder if they realize their language really started with a pager and 07734? I watch young people get anger and start cursing each other out with their phones on twitter and fb and all I can think is the first “f-u” and my $200-$300 phone would go flying against the wall and I would still be cussing out loud. But these young people (and some my age!) just grip that phone for all its worth and go to town! Wild!

I’m also into the way words sound. I think the sound has as much affect as the actual meaning of the word. That is a groovy thing. Groovy: smooth, feel-good, crazy kinda word that rolls around in your mouth and makes you want to swallow it and smile. I am a huge, huge fan of alliteration and assonance  (God fogive me!):


Sans innocence

and whispered guile;

silk slips slowly,


Senses spin savagely-


She slides softly,



Just dig all those sibilant S’s, L’s and alliterative vowels.Yum!

This is what having no Theraflu does…keeps me up all night (can’t breathe!) waxing poetic to the world. Gawd.

Assonance is about as close to rhyming as this person gets though. And I get kinda weirded out with structured verse too. Just not my thing even though I can write it if pressed. Just can’t say it would be good… or not smarmy. I would be interested in what others think and like though. I’m quite willing to feature Guest works. HUMOR…if you can make me cry laughing then please submit. It is truly nice to feature other talent on a daily blog when the author might have something else that calls for their full attention.

For anyone else out there in bloggerland who is sniffling, foggy-headed, blunder-fingered, chest-constricted and can’t find any over-the-counter quack remedy to work:

I would leave you with this but unfortunately I found it empty too… sonofa-


2 thoughts on “Can’t See My ? For The Trees

  1. I am quite torn by a genetic vs. environment clash when I am feeling downright miserable. My male genes tell me I need to retreat to my mancave and sulk by myself until I am over my funk, but my having grown up in a mostly female family has also given me tendencies to want to make sure everyone who crosses my path knows just how miserable I am….

    The word assonance kind of sounds like a curse word itself. In fact, I’m pretty sure I am full of assonance….

    • ROFL (!) ES…the opposite here. Only girl…all brothers, male cousins…played hell with my dating life but I can cuss like a sailor and know my way under the hood of a car.

      Full of assonance huh? Somehow I think it might be the other,lol.

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