Poetry Class

I’ve been giving myself writing tasks. Mostly stream of consciousness stuff (like my blog, HA!). It’s hit and miss with poetry and , well, it tends to break my heart. The latest one was featured on the front page allowed to remain on the front page a couple of days ago. I’ve now moved it to Dances in Paradise where it will have a permanent home.

Between the Lines is a Wordlist poem. I pulled 16 random words (prepositions and pronouns were passed over) off of my Freshly Pressed the other day. None of these words were listed together nor did they come from one category. The words were:

Time Beetle Year
Fake Cult Noticed
Travelers Doormat Forget
Haunted Conflict Matters
Grateful Girls Nothing Reason

It’s not always easy to write this way. I would have asked for a different set of words. I’m sure what I came up with might not be what’s expected. I would love to know what others think of this. Did I hit the mark? It has been a long time since I have written poetry. Honest critique is something I don’t mind. Again, you can find the poem on my Dances in Paradise page.


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