Moose Munch® Break


She dug to the back of the cupboard, past the tortilla chips and the instant soup, looking for the small box of Moose Munch® she knew she had stashed. Away from the ever grasping hands of the human garbage disposal but mostly away from her.  These late night raids when the muse was screaming to be fed often led to poundage added to her person instead of words to the page. According to her doctor, her previous hiding place had not been good enough and her cholesterol count was such she needed to take medication to lower it. Apparently he had no confidence in her finding a better one either. Sighing, she was ready to give up the search when her hand brushed across a familiar shaped box.

She could feel her pulse accelerate as she got a better hold on the box and grabbed it; pulling it out of the cupboard and stepping down off the stool. As she walked back to her office she thought it was silly to get excited about a box of candy, but what a box of candy it was. Fluffy pieces of popcorn, sweet almonds and crunchy cashews coated in lightly salted, buttery caramel and enrobed in pieces of thick, dark chocolate. This was a far cry from the Cracker Jacks® of childhood. This was Fiddle Faddle® on steroids! Who cared there was no prize at the bottom of the box! As long as it distracted her past another word for gape. As long as it fed her sweet tooth while she set at the keyboard daydreaming about running her finger along the strong jawline of the hot guy in her story. Mmm-hmm.

Shoot! She forgot her diet soda. She trudged back to the kitchen, muttering about missed deadlines and a new thesaurus.


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