Smirk This

intransitive verb
: to smile in an affected or smug manner
transitive verb

: to say or express with a smirk


SMIRK. It’s the most common word used by romance writers today. It’s the most misused word used by romance writers. IT DRIVES ME INSANE!

I have a friend who has a list of words that shouldn’t be used: irregardless, awesome, all-in-all, alot, etc. I think smirk should be on that list

Writers like to use it to create sexual tension: “You’d think so,” he smirked. She could feel the desire pool in her stomach as she found herself caught in his gaze…”  I’m sorry, but I have a hard time thinking of a smirk as foreplay. What part of self-satisfied/smug is supposed to get me all jiggy with it? I mean, if I’m self-satisfied then what do I need you for? If it is affected then aren’t I really just setting myself up for rejection? A smirk is usually offensive too in which case– just eww!

Oh, and smirking as playful banter!
“Hi!” she smirked. “How was your day?”
“Great, just great, ” he smirked.
Really? And I guess they just held hands, gazed deeply into each other’s eyes, smirked and tickled the hell out of each other afterwards? Rode the bumper cars and the Scrambler then went Dumpster diving, smirking the whole time? Idiots…

We also have the evil smirk which is just about believable. He smirked. His eyes narrowed then he lunged and tore the man’s throat out. Evil needs to smirk. It has a smug quotient to maintain.

They make excellent tools for writers. Dictionaries, Thesauruses– Spell Check. Read ’em and weep baby!

Yep, I’m smirkin’. Always. I am a natural though and it’s a damn sight better than a bloody simper.


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