The Many Faces Of Me

Justin, Where R U?!

Justin, Where R U?!

I just got back from vacationing in Punta Mita Mexico. It is a little resort village just north of Puerto Vallarta and a shit-load of celebrities hangout there. New Year’s was spent at the St. Regis and, I kid you not, I saw Justin Beiber on the beach earlier that day. The vacation was a smashing success and arrangements have already been made for next year…including reservations at the hotel. At least my friends Alberto, John, Bella, Laura and Nico assure me of this according to all of the email traffic. I think I was blitzed the whole vacation because I woke up in my own bed this morning which is a helluva long way from Anywhere, Mexico.

Now, before I went to Punta Mita, I had to close up shop at my adventure tour place in NSW, Australia. That was no mean feat because this is our busy season and my partner was kind of miffed. She really doesn’t understand the luxurious lifestyle that I lead in Mexico. I don’t understand why she orders so much crap but I forward the invoices to her anyway. I figure she’s the brains of this outfit and I’m the pretty face. There has to be a pretty face right? If you could see the pictures of… trust me, it isn’t her.

I also had to close my health food store in Sidney (apparently I own a lot of businesses in Australia that I’m slowly becoming aware of). There was lackluster response to the notification I sent out regarding this which makes me wonder just how well this business is doing. Perhaps it’s time to bring the sharks in and run an audit? I don’t want to waste my time on something that isn’t raking in some profit. Keeping up with all of this superflous email is a pain-in-the-ass the way it is.

Where's my money?

Where’s my money?

I got rid of the doll store in England for that reason. No profit. It was kinda sad to see it go. I remember that final good-bye email to all of the customers for the years of loyal patronage ::sigh::

Hmm, I just realized I forgot to tell my husband about the trip to. My other husband (I think his name is Allan) that is. We got married about 7 years ago. It was a beautiful wedding. I got a new sister,  and brother-in-law, Juli and Sam. My in-law’s, Martha and John, think I’m the next best thing to peanut butter– especially since I had Samantha. She is a blonde-haired ball of energy that wipes me out. I, of course, am the petite, blonde-haired, blue-eyed princess mommy that she takes after. According to the pictures and what every one says. I sure do love those pictures and forward them on when I get them. It’s always nice to be part of a lovely family like that… Gorgeous, hardworking husband, model mom, the works.

The Goose never noticed I was gone.

Then there is Anne…she is ALWAYS sending me pictures. Anne is a puzzle because I’m not sure who Anne is or why she sends me pictures. I don’t know where she is from or what she does besides take pictures. I have tried to contact Anne but no reply. I have watched Anne grow-up and make her way out into the world. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but she doesn’t SAY anything… just pictures.

Anne, if you’re out there Sweetie… Hi! Big Hugz!

For Anne

For Anne


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