To Whom… Again,

F–U and the horse u rode in on…

To Whom… Again,

Just wanted to quickly touch base and ackowledge that the GLOVES ARE OFF!!! I guess our last correspondence did not make it clear that I wasn’t up to tolerating any penny-ante bullshit this year from the powers-that-be. Your smarmy come-back could hardly be taken seriously ya know. It was juvenile and trite. The past week on the other hand… kiss my ass! We can go back and forth all day long. Y’all wanna act like adolescent boys lighting off fireworks in your hands be my guest. Just remember, sometimes little boys lose their fingers when they hold onto those firecrackers too long or they get hold of one with a short fuse! I’m not anyone’s bitch and I’m not going to take anything laying down!

Bunch of pansy-asses…






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