Vivacious Redhead


Wanted: swf, blah, blah, blah

Wanted: swf, blah, blah, blah

Vivacious Redhead — I am extremely outgoing with a wild sense of humor and an extroverted sense of fun. I love to try new things and travel the world. I am a curvy gal, comfortable with who and where I am in life. I’m looking for an INTELLIGENT guy (this is an absolute must!) 40-50 yo., successful and willing to go forward. Must be fun-loving, adventurous and have a great sense of humor too. Strike up a conversation? Email !!! @^^^^ 

What do you think? Too much?

I know, I know… people involved in committed relationships should NOT be going onto single’s sites and doing things like this. What can I say, curiosity gets the better of me. I don’t pay for any of them and I do get a good laugh out of most of the replies. I also blame one of my single friends for getting me started. She wanted me to vet her ad and the only way to do so was to create a profile… then she got pissed when I got more responses!

What can I say, it helps when you’re fake.

There is the keyword, fake.  

I also found out that Goosey-boy has several of these accounts himself– and I do mean several! Eh. All I can say is no follow-thru, ya know.

Interestingly enough, I get very few American responses. I think this is because American men are CHEAP. They have no faith in the system so they won’t spend money on it. C’mon fellas, you spend half your life on the computer or the TV. And honestly, do you really thing you can get something for nothing? I hear more guys bitch about the lack of “companionship” they suffer thru. I look at them while they say this with an X-box controller in their hand, a beer beside them and a half-empty pizza box on the floor (sorry brother o’ mine!). Seriously? American women on the other hand, whether its desperation (biological clock and all that) or they know about the whole cheap thing, have no qualms about paying. They look at it as an investment in their future.

As I said, I in all my fakery have received a number of responses, many amusing and some quite persistent:

Giovanni– One of my persistent lotharios. He is quite insistent that I am his amoré. Molto bella! He wants to whisk me off to Rome and treat me as I deserve to be treated. I suspect that Gio doesn’t have a Lira to fold in half (wait, guess that’s a Euro now) and just might be finagling for a green card.

Ahmed– He is another of my persistent paramour wannabes. Quite mysterious this one; all I know is he is Arabic. He is quite adamant he is not Turk. He is also wealthy. He actually sent me some financial records! Let me tell you… I had a moment there. But considering that Ahmed is one of the most common names in the ME it is very frustrating. A last name would at least tell me what country he was from if not his familial ties. There are some places and cultures though that I definitely wouldn’t want to jump into though. Tempting but too many questions.

Adam– Adam is from Australia. Adam gets around. He works in Florida and is working on getting his citizenship. He is recently divorced and has custody of his little girl who is just getting over an illness. His financial situation is not the greatest in the world but he is working on it. Maybe, once we got together, and if we hit it off, I would be able to send him money once in a while and help him get back on his feet. For his little girl, ya know? My friend got this response from Adam as well; only his name was Daniel and he was in Georgia. I also got it in another account (um… oops?)– from Michael in Texas.

Randy– Hmm, Randy is quite the exhibitionist. He sent me a “statement” too. He has sent me several statements to be exact and I have a difficult time picking my jaw off the table. I have never replied to Randy. I really don’t know how to. I guess my silence is answer enough because he has continued to correspond. The price one pays for fakery ::sigh::

Indian Men– Indian men go looking for a wife somewhere between the ages of 30-35 or whenever Mom gives them permission. This is usually after they have been out in the world and contributing to the family coffers for a while. There is a little more to it then that but bare bones, that is how it was explained to me by the guys I know. Many Indian men also leave home to work abroad and it seems more now prefer to find their wives on their own vs. letting Mommy find her. They also seem to have a penchant for American women; so my inbox gets flooded by successful businessmen with CV’s, degrees and large extended families… which they support. And they send me copies of their CV’s, degrees and occasional photos of their extended families. Much like Gio though, they seek to come to America which they view as the Promised Land. The place that all of their dreams can come true…

Where they too can become cheap American men whose partners make-up fake online singles profiles to while away their day.


4 thoughts on “Vivacious Redhead

  1. Is interspecies a problem? If not, I am a SGS, 4 yo, seeking a fun, furry redhead to keep me warm in my nest this winter. I enjoy quiet nights sitting on the fence and hanging out on the power lines, as well as taking long walks across the street. If interested, I can forward you my file from the county wildlife department, copies of my honorary veterinary assistant’s degree from Sally Struthers University, as well as pictures of my nuts. I look forward to meeting you and chasing you around my tree! ES

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