Oh Goody, I got a STAR!

Last night, The Goose and I were out shopping and he mentions that DQ (from Drunken Blogging fame) had pulled the rug out from under her man on a major purchase. My jaw drops and I stare at The Goose in disbelief! Nuh-uh?!

DQ has made a point of bragging to all of us on a regular basis about this purchase and her allowing her man to make it. She had even mentioned it to me a few days ago! How could she break his heart that way after assuring him it was a done deal all this time? Poor fella! Goosey-boy said the guy was pretty devestated by the whole thing. We commiserated back and forth a bit more about the situation and then I made a statement that I would never pull a stunt like that. The Goose LAUGHED then said:


I gasped!

I stuttered, “W-w-w–!”

I whipped my head around toward him then back to staring straight ahead and I started grinding my teeth. Oh. No. He. Didn’t.

I’m sitting there in puffed-up indignation with steam starting to roll out of my ears when I notice this racket inside my head. A bunch of high-pitched squeaking and jumping up and down, Oh great, the squirrel fell of the wheel again!  So I paused to consider what the squirrel had to say…


then a wicked grin spread across my face and I turned to him again with these words:

“You’re right Goosey-boy! I am GOLD STAR and I’m going to spend the rest of YOUR life being the best at it that I can be.”

I should have taken a picture…


2 thoughts on “Oh Goody, I got a STAR!

  1. Ohhhh no he didn’t. Bitch is not allowed in any vocabulary from anyone other than really good girlfriends. Never a man. I would have said, “Yes, I wear my bitch badge proudly. That said, I really feel bad for your flaccid personality dysfunction. ” Well… no I wouldn’t have said it, but I would have thought it. 😉

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