Doh! She’s doing it again…

Last Call!

Last Call!

Yep, the ongoing departure revlery continues and I have been at it again. Only this time, I’m snuck back down to the computer (I’m pretty sure I’m in my house now) and it’s the night of instead of after getting a few hours of shut eye and a conference call or two. NO guarantees on wittiness, sense or even humor but there might be a snarky comment or two. I’ll be happy if I can spell and keep everything semi-literate to be honest.

It started early… like noonish-early.


“Where are you?”

“We’re on our way out the door now, we’ll be there in about 20-30 min.”

“Okay, well hurry up cause we’re starting without you!”

“Yeah, yeah…”


I’d only been up about 10 minutes. I am not what you would call a morning person or maybe I should say a “wake-up” person. That first 30 min to an hour after I wake up? It’s Vegas odds on who’s running teh show right about then… Lovely Leila or The Most Evil adn Viscious Demon Spawn from Hell. I have close, personal friends who will tell you teh latter is the real me. That is a big, fat lie! Ten minutes I’ve been awake and I got people screeching at me already to hurry up and get my butt in gear. I’m thinking– it’s going to be a bad day.

Thank gawd for the other folks today! They didn’t let my pissy attitude take over. I walked in gnashing teeth and spitting nails and got handed a glass with alcohol in it to soothe my savage self. Early to be starting but this was an eat and run deal so, what the hey.

Do you know that people who speak absolutely no English should really think before they start singing Willie Nelson songs solo, in public.

The paid entertainment doesn’t like to be upstaged by the customers, LOUDLY.

Grilled whole fish look cute with their eye-balls left in.Here fishy, fishy...

Apparently there is no such thing as an american vegetearian (who knew?).

I’m going blind… ok, maybe it was the smoke.

“Hey, this is a Karaoke joint! How’d we end up here?!”

Oh, brother.

Roll back in the door many hours later and within 10 minutes I break my toe… AGAIN. I’m thinking about having the damn thing removed and put on a keychain. You know, like a rabbit’s foot. Gotta admit, it would be unique! Disgusting, morbid but unique and I wouldn’t break it every couple of months any more. Why do we need so many exess appendages anyway? What purpose does the little toes serve besides giving something extra for my nail tech to do during my pedi? Less toes, lower price… works for me! The whole symetry thing is overrated, unless your me, but I can get over that particular obsession by wearing socks and never having to look at my feet so I’ m good. Just no more broken toes. Or fingers. Or anything else for that atter.


Nothing broken.

Time to go find something to eat.

*I left this straight up. No spell check or anything. Kick myslef later. Hell! It’s all your fault Jason (cause I would never blame Becca for anything related to this blog).


9 thoughts on “Doh! She’s doing it again…

    • Jason, I have decided to name my “adventure night” blog posts: Jason Made Me Do IT #XX

      I have since learned that I agreed to go out one night a week with one of my new friends I made. Somebody has to be responsible for my stupidity and I decided it wasn’t going to be me. I was thinking since your were so far away you probably wouldn’t mind 😀

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