Saving Myself From Insanity

GClefI’ve been spending the day loading music onto my Ipod and attending to some artistic endeavors. I know, it’s mundane stuff but I need something to ground myself in between the stupidity that insists on rearing its ugly head this week.

The artistic endeavor has its own share of stupidity and I spend a great deal of time pounding my head against the table and waving my keyboard about… not to mention gesticulating and cursing wildly. I often wonder if I don’t have some Italian genetic material hidden away somewhere because you can effectively shut me up by grabbing onto my hands. People will do this to me just to see the phenomenon in action. I fail to see the humor in it.

Back to the music. The other person that lives here (he has been demoted and no longer has a name of any sort) bought an awesome set of headphones that I am loath to give up to him. They have brought my Ipod up to a whole new level. I also get so caught up in music now that I tend to not get anything productive done for long stretches of time. Maybe it has more to do with what I’m listening to, I’m not sure. Even the other person tends to leave me alone then.

Actually… I think the stupidity is starting to rub off.

Thank god tomorrow night is a “It’s Jason’s Fault” kinda night. I’m due.


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