Dear Twitter


I admit, there are days when I am not the sharpest crayon in the box (shut up!) but I have had accounts with you for several year now and I am still clueless. I have a whopping 6 followers between these accounts (we do not approve p/orn or I might have more) and none of them tweet me. I have researched this phenomenon of #, @, RT and some other crap that I’m not sure what it means and still… nothing. I finally deleted you off my phone because you were just taking up space I could use for Word with Friends. Now I keep a window open on the computer so I can watch my teenage niece have turf wars with her teenage friends and celebrities lament the paparazzi’s mistreatment of their personal space.

I tried to say this in 140 words or less but as usual I

Dear Leila

What, nothing for us this week?


Dear Whom

Don’t worry, you’ll get your shit-load of

responsibility laid at your sorry-assed feet.

There’s always next time you evil bastages.



9 thoughts on “Dear Twitter

  1. I am totally with you on this- I just cannot use Twitter at all. I only joined because a member of Green Day joined and I love him so I wanted to see what he was saying. I have never ‘Tweeted’ unless it meant the chance of winning a competition and even if I did Tweet, I wouldn’t know how to get people to see it!
    Thank God for WordPress and Facebook’s easy layouts for people like me!

  2. It took me a bit to figure it out. There are direct messages. You find people and follow them. Hopefully they follow you back and you just sorta leave quick messages. Just remember I was your first. 😉

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