To Whom #4

Ah, ah, ah… I told you I hadn’t forgotten about you. I’m sure you think y’all deserve a well-earned pat on the back for allowing me those measly 7 hours of sleep this morning.  What happened, did I send a little vibration of remorse through H’s heartstrings with my post? Did I stroke his vanity enough to garner some slight reward? I know how you guys are about your vanity.

::rolls eyes::

Sorry fellas, doesn’t cut it. Guess that means… doh(!), kiss my ass? See, by my calculations, taking into consideration those recommended by just about every doctor on the friggin planet, I should be getting 6-8 hours of sleep a NIGHT! Let’s go with 6, I would be happy with 6 hours a night, hell, I would be happy with 6 every other night but I’m not going to negotiate now. So, 6 hours a night, 7 nights a week, means I should be getting 42 hours MINIMUM per week. I’m not seeing that happen. No, what I get is 15 hours per week AVERAGE. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


See, this is the way I look at it:

Customer Service.

I am your customer and you provide me a service. What is the service you provide me, you ask?

  • Sounding board: someone who will listen ::snort:: unconditionally.
  • Grantor/ HR/IT Help Desk: someone who answers requests ::snort:: ::snort:: unconditionally.
  • PITA: self-explanatory and unasked for but I get it anyway.

Customer service has that nice little “free-will” thing wrapped all around it which means I should be able to walk away from or fire you whenever I want but YOU don’t seem to get it. I’ve fired lots of people. I have walked away from plenty of establishments and customer service reps for lesser transgressions than what you guys throw at me but still you persist!


Whom et al

Whom et al

Look, whoever is in charge, tell H to get off his sorry ass, cash out his poker chips (if he doesn’t owe every other lame dick playin’), chug the hooch, stow the fishin’ pole and hop the first thing flyin’, hoppin’, runnin’, snortin’ or sailing home. I’m tired and his fucking extended vacation needs to end or I’m sending his wife some photoshopped pics of him with a couple of big-tittied wood nymphs.


Dear Bitchy-Poo,

You took your pill last night.



H, Leila,

Bitchy-Poo, rofl, that’s a good one!

Violin, Leila, world’s tiniest.



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