Sin R Us

sinC’mon, everybody does it.

Every now and then.

That tiniest bit of sin that you really don’t feel guilty about and figure no one is even going to notice. That little white lie… no honey, I’ve had these shoes forever or I gotta work Saturday… when it’s really I bought these shows yesterday and I’m playing golf with the guys. Or we can go even smaller than that. Let’s say you’re standing at the window and your neighbor walks out and starts washing his car. Now, your neighbor is one hot, bodilicious, hunk of man-flesh. YUM! Yeah, I see that drool starting to run down your chin as you eyeball those rippling abs and flexing biceps. You put your hand to the window and your eyes start to glaze over as you imagine your legs wrapped

“What ya lookin at hon?”  asks Mr. Potatohead from the couch.

“Nothin,” you sigh, blushing and walking out of the room.

Odds are your trying to think of a reason to go outside and ogle some more but how to justify it can be a bitch. And let’s not forget… it’s a sin. An itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny sin. You didn’t do anything but look. Well, and tell a white lie. And lust after your neighbor and… hold the phone sister, was that lust after your neighbor? I hate to tell ya but you’ve gone and broke the camel’s proverbial back with this one! That is like, one of the Big 10! Are you insane!? I’ll paraphrase it for you:

“Thou Shall Not Covet”

Covet as in: yearn to possess or have something; crave, hanker, desire, want, etc.

Yep, it’s a doozy!Guido_Reni_031

But DAMN we do like to covet. And take the Lord’s name in vain. The Sabbath thing has kinda fallen by the wayside too and this is only touching the surface of the Big 10. You also have the 7 Deadly Sins to consider and all the permutations thereof.


Now, if I’m Catholic, then I can go hang out in a closet, spill my guts to some guy who I drink with on occasion, perform the penance he doles out and I’m good to go until the next time I sin.

In other forms of Christianity I can recognize my sin, be saved and be absolved of it. Again, there really isn’t a limit on how often I can do this. I think as long as the motions are gone thru and everyone feels good about it then it’s okay.

People fall off the Sin-wagon just as much as they do any other kind of wagon they’re riding on. You climb back on and try, try again. I’m pretty sure they have a 12-step program for it; provided you embrace a Judeo-Christian, monotheistic or other form of ritualized religious background that weighs you down with enough guilt that you either flagellate yourself with it or offer it up to the surrounding ether.

Personally, I think these guys have the right idea at half the price 😉


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