Dear Computer Guy in the Sky


My computer is dying a slow, miserable death. Wheezing and gasping… shutting down at odd times, locking up pretty consistently.

Last week I lost over 10,000 words of a short story when it rebooted back to a previous reincarnation of itself.

I cried that day.

Can you like, wave your magik wand and make this go away or something? Maybe send me a winning lottery ticket so I can get a new computer that meets my needs?

I have them you know… needs.

Just, give a girl a little something-something…



8 thoughts on “Dear Computer Guy in the Sky

  1. Maybe you can buy me a computer once you win the lottery, too. Mine has a keyboard that consistently types the wrong letters and puts spaces in the wrong spots (and I swear it’s not user error), and it has a volume control that can’t be turned off. It’s awesome…not.

  2. I have a laptop that’s full of cat hair and everything I’ve had for dinner the past four years if you’re interested…

    Seriously though, thanks for the reminder I need to get my shit backed up before this ancient artifact I’m using blows sky high….

  3. Jason was talking to me about a chrome book. Those things are only 200 dollars. You have to store everything online but with google docs and stuff that isn’t so bad.

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