What? No, seriously, what the…



I’d rather be gorging on frozen Oreos and hot coffee, instead I have to deal with all of the BS that fell out of the soggy grocery bag I picked up today.

It wasn’t even raining.

Now ain’t that a bitch.

I’m thinking that right about now is a good time to unplug. I’m looking down at my hands and they’re covered in shit; I’m looking down at my feet and I’m stepping in shit. There’s no sarcastic or snarky comeback to the situation rolling across my brain… just a steady thump, thump of pressure starting to build up at my temples and a ringing hiss in my ears. Looking back down– yeah, still shit.

Life’s low-balling me.

Maybe if it had been my own bag when I picked it up I could deal better but this was a hand-off, so technically it isn’t even really my shit. I’m just the lucky idiot who has the pleasure of dealing with it.


Buzz-kill anyone?


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