If it isn’t evident yet; I am slightly off kilter, sarcastic and prone to eye-ball rolling at all times. Some would tell you I am an artist  while others would argue that I’m a writer. I am both really but writing seems to have taken over the older I have gotten. I guess all that experience means I’ve actually got something to say, or I just like to chatter a lot! I’ve traveled a bit and lived abroad and love the hell out of it. I have some of the itchiest feet in the world and if I could land a job as a travel writer I’d have died and gone to heaven I think! One of my favorite pastimes is people-watching. I mean seriously; don’t you wonder what someone else’s life might be like?


8 thoughts on “LeilainParadise

  1. Life is tough…… It is even tougher if you are stupid “John Wayne” That is so true about some people, and I know a lot of folks that don’t know they are stupid!

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