The Wedding Anniversary

rosesThe Wedding Anniversary.

It is that special time when you celebrate the many ::cough:: wonderful years you have been legally cemented to the same person.

Mine is today.

And apparently I am already in the doghouse.

I thought the doghouse was where men took up temporary residence when they did something that annoyed their significant others. You know, like forgot to buy birthday gifts, take out the trash, clean the garage, Valentine’s Day, mother-in-law’s name, date of ovulation, dental appointment, soccer schedule, favorite nail polish color… the important things.

In my house, it’s me who resides there. Actually, I usually wake up in the doghouse… all curled up on a rug wondering WTF(?). So, I’m scratching my fleas and wondering what shoe I chewed up this time and I’m coming up empty. I mean, I always remember ALL the important things I mentioned above.

Something I have noticed is it always seems to happen on important dates which I find highly suspicious. So, did I really do something wrong or is someone just cheap and not wanting to put forth any effort?