Calling my name?

Guess where this is going…

Nothing like staying up all night waiting for the next wave of crapola to roll over you and you end up grasping air.

I HATE that.

It’s like getting to the edge of an orgasm and… eh.

What the hell!? I girded myself for the shitstorm; pulled up my big girl panties (god, I hate those words!) and even set my feet to take one for the team if need be. Instead I got… eh.

I could have been out with friends last night, shopping, watching tv or playing Canasta, Euchre or Monopoly online. Hell, I could have lit some candles, curled up in a bubble bath and taken care of that orgasm I only got to the edge of a couple of sentences ago. But no, I got… eh.

How about next time, you just drop your pants:

What’s that you got there? Really!?

::laughing loudly::