It’s Jason’s Fault #1

BeerOk if you know just how har it was forme me to tyoe out the title then you know how this bog enty is gonna go. The rules are I can’t  go back back and correct any of the enctry of this post (friggin Jason) so what you see is what you get.

I have absolutely no idae how much time I just spent pretty much half passed-out in one of my bathrooms. Ugh! Doesn’tn it uck when you know you are 3 sheets to the wind, all fuckered up, and can;t do shite about it!. Damn! ROFL!

I’m pretty sure the “other person” ased me something about some bald-headed dude he words with… not sure about the particulars… at any rate, it set me off laughing my ass off (even now!)

Everythinh started off [retty mild, we sent one of our friends off who is leaving for good. But apparenty someone decided to celbreated Mardi Gras in the Bar out front anf part of our group wasn’t in to that so they toook it intoi a back room. Dude, I couldn’t hand with that so me and another bro chilled where the party was for a while til the rest came up front and drug us out to some place else.\

Hmm. Maybe I h=should Have said  no then.

Any rate, we went elsewherer and I got my party on only dude didn’t get it. Think I scared him ,lol. Blew my ciover and the other finally said enough and hauled my ass home. Stopped at McD’s on the way home (I found the french fries, yum!). Of courxe, I dread the morning when I have to anwer for muself and all the stupid crap I’ve done, but it’s all Jason’t fault so I’m good! But I did tell someone where to fine theis blog. Jasius! I swear… What do I do if he tell the other agout it? My add is up shit vreek for sure! Wll he swore he wouldn’t so here is hoping! And for all you silly fuckers I hope you are getting a good laugh at my expense! And WHOM! You can kiss my ass!

~Leila, Out~