mojoscoast ~2012Wildlife and Wild Places –  Photography of Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson shoots under the pen name Mojoscoast, in reference to  Mojo, his long-time Blue-Heeler/Border Collie companion, and his love  for the coast.

Originally from Ohio, Jason landed in Pacifica in  1997, where he spent 7 years. Inspired by watching the ocean transform  throughout the seasons, his first work focused on shooting the water and the locals that plied her waves and shores.

First featured at ‘Paradise in December 0f 2012 it was decided to make Mojoscoast a permanent feature. New photos will be pimped posted regularly.

Any questions regarding Jason or his work should be directed to



Northern Mocking Bird, Las Gallinas

Current Gallery




Song Sparrow, Golden Gate Park

Gallery, January Mojo





Gallery, Dec. 31, 2012





  Gallery, Dec. 21, 2012


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